It’s Who We Are

The Discovery Center is a local independent resource that provides Upper Peninsula homeschool families with high quality learning experiences. Because we believe that all children deserve the opportunity to excel, our activities are free of charge.

We provide homeschool families with access to creative, fun experiences.

At the Discovery Center kids explore a wide array of hands-on programs and activities, from robotics, to dance, to art, to outdoor sportsmanship.

We give kids the freedom to choose.

Our flexible programming takes a child-centered approach that respects the intelligence, opinions and interests of students of all ages.

We support homeschool parents too.

We give parents a break from instruction, but also serve as a resource for you to network and learn from others with similar values. Come visit our library, meet parents who are at all stages of home education for information and advice, and come to make friends.

What is the Homeschool Partnership (HSP)?

The HSP is a partnership between local homeschoolers and CLK school district to offer elective classes to homeschoolers at no cost to the participants. Funding is provided by state public education funds, i.e. your tax dollars, to cover instruction, course materials, and other costs.

What types of courses will be offered?


Pod classes with a virtual component – materials and project suggestions on a variety of topics that students can use for anytime learning, anywhere.There is list of learning objectives and resources for parents to use. 


Community Resource Classes with a virtual component – courses that currently are being offered in the community in which students can participate, for example music classes, or Taekwondo, or art.


Discovery Center sessions with a virtual component – original programming based on parent and student interests that take place at your local center.

Who can participate?

The courses offered through the partnership are open to homeschool children in grades K-12, as well as CLK students.

How do I enroll or find out more information?

To enroll or get more information, please apply online or contact:

Brian Rajdl – Director of Education, Keweenaw Family Discovery Center

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A nature enthusiast, wilderness adventurer, guide and mentor. Brian’s path in life is to teach and mentor students and adults about the diverse wonders of our natural world, opening pathways for others to safely…

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