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Global Collaboration Resources

  • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education: The Mission of the Franklin Institute is to accelerate, worldwide, innovative use of technology in education and training so that the benefits of knowledge acquisition are affordable and accessible to all
  • Global Teacher Project: Information and resources on global education
  • Project Based Learning on the Net: Bob Pearlman’s project based learning resources
  • Internet Projects: These curricular projects are designed and produced by SchoolWorld members and our collaborative partners. All projects are free of charge and are designed for use by international schools. Read the project descriptions and subscribe to those that fit the learning needs of your students!
  • ePALS Classroom Exchange: ePALS is the Internet’s largest community of collaborative classrooms engaged in cross-curricular exchanges

Just Good Stuff:

Inspiration Station

  • Family stories and traditions
  • Interesting things you have seen or heard
  • Close observations of people, objects, sights, sounds, moods, tastes
  • Memories
  • Experiences with friends, family, classmates
  • Celebrations or victories
  • Dreams
  • What fascinates you
  • Fantasy/things that you imagine, wish for
  • Things you are proud of
  • Things that are easy and things that are hard
  • Things you are an expert in and things you would like to know more about
  • The first time you ever did something and the last time you ever did something
  • Things you do all the time and things you don’t do all that often

My Thinkbook

  • Front Cover: Photographs of the students in their “thinking poses.” (The teacher photographs each student posed in his or her best thinking facial expression.)
  • Inside Cover: Club Rules – a copy of the Boardroom Bylaws and Classroom Manifesto developed by the class.
  • First Page: Letter from the teacher about thinking and pursuing your passion
  • Section 1: My Passion Profile
    • Talent Profile Interview
    • Passion Lists: Things I know about and things I want to learn about
    • Heart Map
  • Section 2: The Learning Clubs (Each section will reflect what the teacher has developed as learning club titles. Remember, it matches the content and curriculum)
    • Mathematics Section
      • 3 Biography Passion Profiles
      • Math Glossary
      • Math Tools Record*
    • Historian Section
      • Timeline templates (to record ongoing historical events studied at the workstations and during content work time)
      • 3 Biography Passion Profiles
      • History Tools Record*
    • Scientist Section
      • 3 Biography Passion Profiles
      • Science Tools Record*
    • Geographer Section
      • State Map
      • World Map
      • Continents
      • Geography Tools Record
    • Journalist Section
      • Cool & Amazing Quotes List
      • Beautiful Language Section
      • Journalism Tools Record*
    • Section 3: Lots of Blank paper to use as needed; for example, a student may create a timeline, a Venn diagram to compare and contrast an area of study, or jot down thoughts to save later.

*Tools Record are websites, books, magazines, TV shows (episodes), noteworthy iTunes, safe blogs of interest, and other specific resource tools.